An Article I’m Proud to Share: The World’s First Non-Profit, Tuition-Free, Accredited, Online University

A Conversation With The President Of World’s First Non-Profit, Tuition-Free, Accredited, Online University Advertisements

The Clock Inches

For the second day in a row, I’ve given in just the tiniest bit to the underbelly of poetry. This was a piece I had written a while back. I cleaned it up (it needed it terribly), and now post it here for whomever would take part in its enjoyment. It’s an uptempo, wordy diatribe… Continue reading The Clock Inches

The Anti-Alibaster King

Something a little different from me. It kind of wallows on the darker side of life.    He woke up to a lullaby of soundless singing, empty sounds like whispered dreaming. The warmth between his shallow thoughts was darling as it danced with lines of lies he’d spoke before. His pillow was full of dreams… Continue reading The Anti-Alibaster King

Life is short, live it long.

The days we live, at times they number themselves. The verbose, they overflow and mimic the truths that lie quaking in all the corners of the world. Our lives have become inundated by over-abundances of relationships with images we praise and worship like a sex-starved teenager over dalliances. Yet fundamental necessities like knowledge and progression

The Derivatives of Solidarity

Life in the trenches of unequivocal solidarity can be daunting. The thought that you might be alone in not only the thoughts you think, but also in the way in which your brain processes the world around you; well, once it’s there, it has an incredible way of making sure it stays present in every… Continue reading The Derivatives of Solidarity

A New Endeavor


While I use my blog for all of my mind’s meanderings, I have a project that I’m working on. I’m exploring the realm of writing a novel- the first of a series- using social networking to promote and introduce not only the story, but the characters themselves. In real time, I’ve created an environment for characters to come alive and virtually interact with readers and fans as never before. The story itself is yet unpublished, and I’m taking this as an opportunity to raise awareness for the upcoming book by giving people something to gain interest in. At the same time, I’m giving people a bird’s eye view into what actually goes into character development as it pertains to stories, and how difficult it can sometimes be to play every side.

This endeavor of mine is turning out to be quite fun for me, and if you’re interested in following along, you’re all the more welcome to. Hope to see you there.