I want to float in a vast ocean
in the blackest dark of night,
with only the stars winking
as they watch me wading.

On the edge of sanity and panic
surrounded by sounds I don’t understand,
while swells of hope roll me
between lulls of grey anguish,
I want thunder to shake all around me
as I struggle to keep my eyes dry.

And I want to know
that the shore will never come.
For once, that type of certainty
doesn’t sound so bad.

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As always, thank you all for your kindness and support.

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And of course, a loving word for those who need it today:

There are never places light can’t reach. Those of us who dwell in the dark must either thrive there, or strive towards the brightness that emanates from hope. Every hour you survive is proof you have immeasurable strength. Don’t ever give up. You are worth more to this world than your thoughts tell you. I will always be here to listen if you need it.


A smile lands on your face for a solitary moment;

it disappears into the quiet surrounding you without a sound.

You strain to remember things that used to make you happy,

but the the tide of lament is already washing over you.

You look to the sky, but all you see are clouds drifting carelessly by,

and nothing but gray eternity stares back at you.

You wonder how no one else sees the despair lingering in the air,

raining down with drops that there is no cover from.

A perfect breeze catches your attention and you close your eyes gently,

and you allow your whole body to feel its caress.

A smile lands on your face for a solitary moment;

the tears in your eyes tell you it will have to do for now.

I’ll be adding this to my Poetry Collection Whispers in the Dark later on today. Thank you so much for reading and following my work.

Thank you for reading.

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Poetry Collection | Whispers in the Dark

My previous nine posts have been a collection of poetry and prose focused on mental health called Whispers In The Dark. The feedback and outpouring of support from the community here have been nothing short of inspiring. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and addiction are all incredibly tough foes that many of us face on a daily basis. Suffering doesn’t have to be something we go through alone, and it certainly doesn’t have to happen in silence.

I use my writing as an outlet for dealing with the loss I’ve had in my life, and how it’s affected every facet of living. Putting words to some of the darkest feelings I’ve ever had helps me to cope, and allows me to face those issues head on. I spent the last two days searching for photos that I thought would visually accompany this collection best; I believe I’ve found those pictures. Feel free to use anything I post below in any way you want. All I ask for is that you credit me in one form or another.

Before I post them, I would like to share just one more thought.

Sometimes, a shoulder to lean on, or a ear to listen from a friend is enough. If we all take a moment out of our day to just ask someone how they are, and actually listen- well, sometimes that’s all it takes to give someone what they need to face the day. For the days when it isn’t, there are so many avenues to turn to for help.

If you or anyone you know is having a hard time, and is considering harming themselves please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. There is always an answer. There is always a choice.


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A dry heat emanates from every inch of bare skin,
as every pulse of your heart rattles behind your eyes.
Pain slides its twisted grip into your temples,
so you clench your jaw and wince once more.

A dull ache ascends from your shoulders to your neck,
while a palpable urge to combust burns in your ears.
Your mouth is devoid of moisture; arid and tepid;
your lips long to refrain from cracking any further.

Agony performs it’s haphazard routine,
so your eyelids grow weary of falling too low.
Still, restless, listless sleep washes over you,
and the turmoil of this spiral comes to an end.


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Spiral is one of nine poems that make up my Whispers in the Dark Collection, a collection focused on mental health. You can view the rest of the collection here.


I sip and savor the delicacies of your bouquet,
a trist and dalliance in the light;
a fever and obsession in the dark.

You provoke the very bottom of my heart,
and scathe my insecurities
with false promises of grandeur.

I am all the better without you,
and yet I find your fragrance in every room;
a tempestuous beckoning to the edge.

I owe you not a glance,
yet I stare in your direction;
I am lost in this war of callous desires.


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Necessity is one of nine poems that make up my Whispers in the Dark Collection, a collection focused on mental health. You can view the rest of the collection here.