I was going to give this piece some pretext, but nothing I write feels like it does justice.

I suffocate a little more
every moment
that takes you farther from me.
Though I can not chase you
to the place where you have gone,
I will not let that stop me
from these breathless steps
I take in the dark to find you.

9 thoughts on “Suffocate

  1. Dear Beau, SUCH A SOUL YOU HAVE! You write so beautifully and with such depth and courage. I hope you compile all of your stunning poetry into a rich, hard cover book someday so that I can bye it and read it over and over again. Never, ever stop plumbing the depths of such profound emotions.
    Thank you,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lisa, thank you for you heartfelt compliments. My plan is exactly that! I promise to let you know when it’s all put together and ready for consumption. I hope you are well today.


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