When the sky’s hue turns
from blue to the black of midnight,
it is then that I whisper and hope
that the darkest of my days
lay behind and not ahead.

Thank you for reading.

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15 thoughts on “Whisper

  1. Hi Beau, it’s Lisa from Northfield. The rub with suicide is that whatever the days are, mine will never be before or behind me because my grief from a suicide sneaks up on me… from any direction…and consumes me as if someone threw a net over the top of me while I’m blindfolded and turns me upside down and drops me into the muck of despair. On the Fourth of July, I started crying in the morning and didn’t stop until late in the evening. Thank you for your beautifully phrased thoughts. You are immensely talented.

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    1. Hi Lisa, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been, and hoping that the answer is somewhere in the realm of keeping your head up. I know that no matter what, one day to the next is filled with unsurety. Know that at the very least, you always have someone to listen who understands. Remember, we have to try put our best foot forward every day for those who can’t- I like to think of it as a version of hope. Please don’t be a stranger, and drop in any time. Thank you for your lovely compliments.


    1. Hey Nat, thanks for commenting. It certainly is curious how different each of us are, and yet how much we all have in common. I’m glad I brought a smile to your face, and I hope that I’m able to continue to do so.

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