This made my day. A tribute to the multiverse theory. If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, allow me to give you a brief summarization. There are an infinite number of parallel universes, in which some you exist, and some you do not (in some universes you were never born.) In the instances that you do exist, each decision you make branches off into another possible existence of you life, or one like it. For example, you were born here and now, and in this universe and a parallel one your parents were taking you home from the hospital. You come to an intersection where the light turns yellow, and in universe one, you father stops at the light, but in the other, he speeds through. Those small differences cause a skew between our two universes that can have drastically different outcomes. Say running that yellow light in Universe Two causes an accident and your dad gets taken to jail for running a red light. The people in the other car don’t survive, and your father goes to prison for vehicular manslaughter. You grow up wothout a father. Suddenly, universe one and universe two are quite different.
Now, imagine this on an infinite scale, where every decision ever made creates another universe of possiblities; every variable leads to a different outcome. This is the multiverse theory.
It’s a cool idea. Somewhere in existence, you could be a doctor, or a President. You could be a chef, or a father of 20 children. The possiblities are neverending. So why not treat it as a competition. Be the best you there is.