Lost in the Breeze

Like mirrored glass, I stand here watching,

Looking out, hoping you can’t see in.

I hide behind my faith in the future,

Waiting for it all to change.

But by my side my hands lie still,

And I am all to blame.

I’ve taken nothing, reached to never,

And looked to bare corners for answers.

I’ve been helpless all this time,

Lost like pollen in the breeze,

Thinking that the wind

Would know where to take me.

Instead I’ve drifted far from you,

And I don’t know where to go from here.

I should have listened long ago,

when you said to hold on tight.

Now here I sit, and glance all around,

And I don’t see anything I know.

But truth be told, I think I’ll find my way,

For this spot can be my starting point.

And in days that come ahead,

Perhaps we’ll dance as two again,

When the sun rises to greet the world,

And shows that where we’ve been

Has been within each others reach,

Since the day my eyes saw your light.


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