Lost in the Breeze

Like mirrored glass, I stand here watching, Looking out, hoping you can't see in. I hide behind my faith in the future, Waiting for it all to change. But by my side my hands lie still, And I am all to blame. I've taken nothing, reached to never, And looked to bare corners for answers. …

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The Clock Inches

For the second day in a row, I've given in just the tiniest bit to the underbelly of poetry. This was a piece I had written a while back. I cleaned it up (it needed it terribly), and now post it here for whomever would take part in its enjoyment. It's an uptempo, wordy diatribe …

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The Anti-Alibaster King

Something a little different from me. It kind of wallows on the darker side of life.  He woke up to a lullaby of soundless singing,empty sounds like whispered dreaming.The warmth between his shallow thoughts was darlingas it danced with lines of lies he'd spoke before.His pillow was full of dreams he dreamed,it held all his deepest …

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