Life is short, live it long.

The days we live, at times they number themselves. The verbose, they overflow and mimic the truths that lie quaking in all the corners of the world. Our lives have become inundated by over-abundances of relationships with images we praise and worship like a sex-starved teenager over dalliances. Yet fundamental necessities like knowledge and progression evade even the most minuscule portions of our daily intake. We’ve become focused on the wrong things, and we’ve yet to realize it. Daydreams are lasting longer than the days themselves; nightmares are plaguing those who realize it. Where shall the truth lie when the lies are becoming truths?

The Derivatives of Solidarity

Life in the trenches of unequivocal solidarity can be daunting. The thought that you might be alone in not only the thoughts you think, but also in the way in which your brain processes the world around you; well, once it’s there, it has an incredible way of making sure it stays present in every facet of your life. It’s a cyclical, cynical notion that shows up every time your hopes and aspirations decide to throw a party. It’s a derivative of never having assurance that others understand you, but it’s true cause lies somewhere closer to not wanting to give in to what you know is not meant for you. A true intellectual is vastly aware that they tend to be alone when confronted by popular ideas they oppose, yet as someone who is tormented by the thought of being alone, there are few worse fates. How do you find balance between knowing you’re right while standing alone in your belief and wanting to be closest to those around you who do not see the world as you do? It’s corruptive and torturous, I can tell you that much.

Vindication can only come by letting go. It’s about trusting that those who follow will either know as you know, or follow blindly behind your torch. Knowledge is power, and if you have it, you are responsible for it. We are bestowed with gift and talents, all of us different. Each of these abilities has the power to lift us up to better places, but we must often sacrifice to get there. Sometimes the choices are difficult, and sometimes they come easier. Either way, the world is laid out before you. It’s up to you to do the best you can with it, and no one else can judge you for the things you accomplish.