There are three sides to every story. Yours, mine, and no one’s. And that is precisely why no one is usually right.

There aren’t necessarily always right and wrong ways to do things. Often times, simply doing something that you are unsure about can bring forth emotions and reactions you were both unprepared for and unaware of. Venturing into unknown territory can be a scary, yet vilifying experience, and can sometimes result in a very big payoff.
I am not saying that you should throw caution to the wind and set sail on a journey pointed nowhere with little preparation. Always be prepared for anything. But trying something new, something different, something unknown is how great steps are taken. It’s how discoveries are made.

It’s funny how we look back at new ventures that paid off and wonder why we hadn’t done it sooner, but like any change, or any glance into the unlit path that is our future, we are scared. Taking steps where steps are uncertain takes guts. But it also build character, and shows you who are. It’s what moral fiber is made of. It’s what vindication is made of. Venturing to new ground is an essential foundation of our success, not only as individuals, but as a species.

Be new. Be bold. Be different. Be the first.

Pry your eyes from light, and suddenly the darkness seems not so black.

It’s rarely the things you have done in your life- when perspective forces your mind to to venture down the path of regrets and malices- that causes regret; more often than not, it’s the things you haven’t accomplished that you always thought you would, or dreamed you could, that will give way to the demon doors of perpetual longing. Vindication can only come from living, and truly living fully.

A life in the moment is a moment valued, while a life in the cause of waiting is a cause wasted.

Give yourself no reason to wait. Advance your mind when all possible, and if there is time and space, allow your body to follow. Give allowance to your mind to go everywhere, think everything. See all you can in the chaos around you. Feel everything you can manage to bring within your grasp. Taste every bite, and linger on each flavor as it dances on your palate. Smell every fragrance floating in a mindless draft. Hear what everyone says to you, but more importantly, do not heed every word. You will know best what is best for you.

And one day, when looking back on one of perspective’s ventures, if you fins that regret has seeped into crevices between the rocks of thought and life of the mountain you’ve built from hunger and thirst, and hope and failure, and trust and persecution, well then you will know that even the best of us will never master perfection. It will always evade us in a dance of seduction, leading us in twirls and circles- yet the song will never end, and our bodies eventually tire. Such is the footwork of life.

“You can only be as lost as your inability to look up.

Many of us fight battles daily with antagonists inside our minds that poke and prod us, and lead us to temptations. These voices in our heads are like fishermen, their reels and hooks casting out as far as possible to drag worldly evils within our scope. They pull these temptuous, terrible desires right up to our noses and force us to breathe of them. They block out all else, and make us live in our weaknesses. And at our weakest, they pull us in. They drown us in everything we fight against. We fail. We don’t just fail once. We repeat it. We become habitual failures. We succumb to our growing like of failure. It’s easier to fail, and people don’t look down on you too badly because, hey, they fail at things, too.
Look around.
You’re not alone. We’re all here. We’re all failing at something. If we’re not failing, we’re not alive. Failure is a symptom of progression. It’s a marker on a road, one of hundreds of thousands, and you’re a runner, jogging past. Each marker is one more failure on the route to your destination. Each failure is one step closer to being better. And so, each failure gets harder to overcome.
Failure doesn’t want to be left alone. Failure is miserable, and miserable loves company. Failure and misery don’t want to let you go, and they don’t want to see you succeed.
So keep taking steps. Keep failing. Every now and then, look back at all those failures you were better than, and learn from them. Each failure will then make you a little better. Then one day, those failures won’t be hidden in the path ahead of you. They’ll be lying in the road, and you’ll be smart enough to step right over.

Alice: How long…

Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

There are often many things from which procrastion can help to lead us astray. The notion of taking today, tomorrow, and forever for granted is one thought which we must learn to distance ourselves from. Complacency will always find a way of dangling your dreams before your eyes, like stars above the skies. As we allow tomorrow to always remain just beyond the dawn, we relinquish any doubt of hope that our current situation is subject to change. Every new day can be an opportunity for change, and any change, big or small can lead to greatness. Our endeavors are only limited by the stretch of our imaginations.