This made my day. A tribute to the multiverse theory. If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, allow me to give you a brief summarization. There are an infinite number of parallel universes, in which some you exist, and some you do not (in some universes you were never born.) In the instances that you do… Continue reading Multi-You-Niverse

An Absence Worth Bearing

A while has passed since I’ve last divulged any information onto these pages, and there are many reasons behind it. It is, however, not my intention to talk about that here. Moving forward, I hope to keep things fairly regular, and with a scope of great variety. I hope you have all been well, and… Continue reading An Absence Worth Bearing

The Lake

I take my steps beside the lake and stare to where the water stops, and in these moments I adhere to nothing less than broken thoughts. My dreams, my hopes, they fret among the boughs of trees that fell, from whence they leaned a touch to far to see their own reflections. As I drift

Lost in the Breeze

Like mirrored glass, I stand here watching, Looking out, hoping you can’t see in. I hide behind my faith in the future, Waiting for it all to change. But by my side my hands lie still, And I am all to blame. I’ve taken nothing, reached to never, And looked to bare corners for answers.… Continue reading Lost in the Breeze