Alliteration for the Illiterates

Basically bursting and burning with bruises from bastards who bash upon beating beliefs, the cowardly musical playwright- he isn’t- wrote a disaster full of disease. The sleaze, as he called it, was free and above the structures of love and a word wasn’t one just to stop it. The copies they tried to create what… Continue reading Alliteration for the Illiterates

The Tree We’ve All Climbed

Curiosity dabbled on his palette of jugdement, mixing the scheme of his painted picture. He saluted to some, while bowing to others; he shook hands with one, and kissed with another. Leaving a mark of some change in his ways, a varying, glaringly, obvious praise to indifference with twisted methodical ways to surrender persona to… Continue reading The Tree We’ve All Climbed

The Jester’s Fate

Fraudulent measures for taking what pleasures do seem to intoxicate minds, with a battery charging at large with a blinding assurance. Enduring competence just, for the jesters do test the arrest of the kingly. Signs that allude to the mingle of less spoken lores of royalty’s whores and whence illustrious fussing did die. So slowly… Continue reading The Jester’s Fate